Beki Garside

From the very first visit to the last everyone at Alex Jones Dentistry makes you feel important and a priority. The service provided was amazing.

After being told from two previous dentists that the treatment I was after would have taken years to achieve, included lots of work and even maybe not been able to achieve the look I desired I decided to try Alex Jones Dentistry as my third and last consultation. Straight away they said the complete opposite, I would be able to get the look I wanted with no teeth being removed, no train tracks and all this is 6 months.

I couldn’t believe it but a full year on and 6 months after my treatment I can confirm they were right. Invisalign was by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and after years of hating my teeth, I receive compliments all the time about them now. A massive thank you to everyone who was involved, you’ve made me one very happy straight teethed girl!

Beki Garside

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