The latest news and articles from the team at Alex Jones Dentistry.

Quality and Value

It has always been my desire to provide dentistry of the very best quality, that lasts. As with everything, that does come at a price. Whilst I know we are not the most expensive practice, we are certainly a long way away from being the cheapest. What I do hope and strive for, is to provide exceptional value for money. The quality of what we do, the materials we use and the quality of the aftercare we provide, is what allows us to offer a 10 year guarantee on our implants and a five year guarantee on the lab work

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It’s Good To Be Back!

I began working at PDC Dental, now known as Alex Jones Dentistry, in March 2017, fresh out of training with just 6 months of practice under my belt at a small NHS surgery in the Peak District. During this time I was introduced to Alex, who was looking to employ a newly qualified dentist in an apprentice role with the view to introducing them into the world of private dentistry. After a couple of meetings I was offered the position and I jumped at the chance as I knew that Alex was providing the type of dental care that I

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Welcome To Alex Jones Dentistry

We’ve changed our name from PDC Dental but the team, our location and the welcome are exactly the same. The same friendly faces will greet you when you visit, the only difference you will notice is a fresh new look and feel to the surroundings and, what we hope, is a new and improved service with many added benefits to the quality and level of care we provide.  Alex Jones Dentistry is a project which has been 20 years in the making. When I qualified from Sheffield University back in 1999, having studied there for eight years, my career ahead

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Beki Garside

Invisalign Braces

Beki went from hating her smile to having compliments all the time and she is thrilled with the result!

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