dental implant options

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dental implant options

Single tooth

Replacing a single missing tooth can be a highly successful procedure.

Treatment is highly conservative as it is not necessary to prepare adjacent teeth to support bridgework, and the implant tooth can be looked after just like your own natural teeth.

The dental implant tooth itself is usually made with the use of special computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques to produce beautiful, cosmetic teeth, made entirely out of a strong ceramic material.


Multiple Teeth

Groups of missing teeth can be replaced with bridgework supported by implants.

For example, two dental implants can support a bridge replacing three or four teeth, although more implants may be added if biting forces are heavy, or a larger bridge is required.

Once again, dental implant treatment is highly conservative as it is not necessary to prepare teeth to support bridgework; the implant construction simply replaces the missing teeth without further compromising the remaining healthy teeth.

See also full arch options: Implant retained dentures, fixed bridge work, teeth in a day & zygomatic implants.

Full Arch options

Whatever the cause of your missing teeth, everyone deserves to be able to eat and speak properly, to laugh naturally and to feel confident about their appearance. We offer several dental arch implant options to replace a full arch of teeth.

Implant Retained Dentures

Many patients complain about the disadvantages of conventional dentures:

  • Discomfort
  • Having to avoid certain foods
  • Time consuming home care
  • Dentures feeling loose necessitating use of adhesives
  • Feeling self-conscious

Using dental implants we can help you improve your quality of life and find the right solution for you to restore functionality and help improve your smile and restore your overall self-confidence.


Fixed Bridge Work

Typically five to six implants can be used to support full arch fixed bridgework which allows us to replace all the teeth in a single jaw (or both jaws).

Where only limited bone is available we may just use four implants. Where plenty of bone is available more implants may be placed to support a series of smaller bridges or individual teeth in aesthetically challenging situations.

A variety of techniques have been devised to make this treatment extremely straightforward and less invasive.

Teeth In a Day

Teeth in a Day is a revolutionary technique whereby a whole arch of teeth can be replaced for patients who have previously lost their own teeth or currently wear dentures.

For patients who have suffered ill-fitting dentures or mobile, failing teeth for years, the provision of stable, comfortable, natural-looking teeth through dental implants really can restore that self-confidence and vitality that has often been lost.

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Zygomatic Implants

We use Zygomatic implants when there is not enough bone for ordinary dental implants. The implants are longer than ordinary dental implants and engage the strong, dense bone that forms the cheekbone.

This means that the implants can be used as an alternative to complex bone grafting operations, making it possible to carry out surgery and provide fixed teeth in one visit.

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Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see the delight, and sometimes emotion, on someone’s face when they look in the mirror as their treatment is complete and they see what they have been hoping for, and sometimes more.

It is a privilege to be part of a process which can often be life-changing. I can honestly say I have a true passion for the job that I am fortunate enough to do.

My team are a fantastic group of professionals committed to the standards of excellence and many years of hard work that I am proud to call Alex Jones Dentistry.

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In some cases, dental implants can be fitted in the same day

See how dental implants have been life changing for many of our patients.

All you need to know about dental implant surgery.

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