The alex jones dentistry team

My team are a fantastic group of professionals committed to the standards of excellence and many years of hard work that I am proud to call Alex Jones Dentistry

– Alex Jones

Our dentists

Our Dental hygiene therapists

Helen Reed and Laura Checksfield are highly regarded amongst our patients. Visit them regularly for Dental hygiene Therapy sessions to keep your teeth, gums and dental health in great condition, ensuring fresh breath and and the confidence in knowing a clean, healthy mouth means a lifetime of minimal dental problems and a clean,fresh smile!

Our Dental Nursing and Reception team

..are the familiar faces you will see at each visit. They are here to welcome and take care of you whilst you are with us. They care passionately about the work that they do and strive to deliver the best possible service. They are here to relax with and enjoy chatting to whilst you wait and offer you reassurance before, during and after treatment. They will do their best to make sure you are happy and comfortable and will help to answer to any questions you may have.

Our practice management team