Quality and Value

It has always been my desire to provide dentistry of the very best quality, that lasts. As with everything, that does come at a price.

Whilst I know we are not the most expensive practice, we are certainly a long way away from being the cheapest. What I do hope and strive for, is to provide exceptional value for money. The quality of what we do, the materials we use and the quality of the aftercare we provide, is what allows us to offer a 10 year guarantee on our implants and a five year guarantee on the lab work that goes on top of dental implants and also our standard crown and bridge work.

Whenever I talk to patients about investing in dental treatment I always try and explain it in terms that they will easily understand.

My current favourite is to compare it to buying a new car. Obviously a new car has a cost- this could be relatively cheap to very, very expensive. This car is then going to be driven, perhaps daily but sometimes (and oddly with the more expensive cars) much less frequently.

You understand when you buy a new car that it will need servicing, at least annually, and even then, things can go wrong. There is usually some sort of manufacturer’s warranty with the car and dealers now often sell extended warranty after an initial period – usually just 3 years. Interestingly a lot of dealers now offer service plans too, where you can spread the cost of servicing your car over the year with monthly payments. Google tells me that the average time people keep a car is 6 years.

Comparing this to dental treatment, similarly, there is an initial cost. After this, your teeth, whether having been treated with dental implants, veneers, crowns or bridgework, will certainly be used each and every day- many, many times. At Alex Jones Dentistry we offer a 10 year warranty on dental implants – if you search this you will find only one other practice in the whole of the UK that offers this level of guarantee – and, you can spread the cost of maintaining (or servicing) your dental work by joining one of our membership plans, should you wish.

The last comparison I make relates to aftercare. With a car you need to keep it clean, fill it with fuel and regularly check the tyres, washer fluid and oil, to cover just a few basics. Similarly, there is a responsibility to look after dental work by regular cleaning. This is something we try and help all our patients with by recommending the best cleaning products, demonstrating how to use them and also providing all our membership patients with a new toothbrush and toothpaste every six months at no cost.

I believe that if you are shopping on price we will probably be beaten but, if you are seeking exceptional value for money, outstanding dentistry and level of care that exceeds expectations, then I would like to think we are up there with the best.


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