I was recommended to Alex by my dentist because I wanted some expert advice on dental implants. I had a bridge on one side of my upper right side of my mouth and dentures on the left due to the previous bridge failing. When I discovered my remaining bridge was on its way out, I was faced with the prospect of either burying my head in the sand, having the bridge removed and a full denture or implants. I knew that burying my head in the sand would still only leave me with two options eventually. I trust my dentist implicitly and know that he would only recommend someone who would treat me with the same care as he has done in the past and continues to do.

Alex was great. He talked me through my options and the process this would involve. Because I had a partial denture for some time, it didn’t look like I had enough bone density for the normal implants to be placed. After my initial disappointment, Alex explained to me all about the zygomatic implants and the all on four system. After the consultation, I talked it over with my partner and mulled it over in my mind what seemed like a thousand times. I felt guilty about spending such an amount of money on myself. Luckily my partner was extremely supportive and convinced me to go ahead with it.

After the phone call to say yes, it was all taken care off. I was guided through the entire process and my dentist was kept up to date each step of the way. My scan was arranged as was a series of appointments with Alex and his team to continue the preparation work. The big day arrived for the implants to finally become a part of me. I arrived in the morning and was greeted by the team that was going to be taking care of me and take care of me they did. Naturally I felt a bit nervous but everyone was honest and reassuring. I was talked through what was going to happen and that even although I would be awake, I wouldn’t be aware of anything that was going on, wouldn’t feel a thing and would remember very little.

I work with the NHS and patient care, expertise and quality of service are paramount to me. That is exactly what I received from Alex and his team. At the time I didn’t fully appreciate just how much of an expert it takes to provide the level and quality of treatment I had. I also didn’t fully realise what it would do for my self-esteem and confidence. I do a lot of public speaking and training in my job and I had found myself feeling very conscious every time I was with people. I was surprised by how much it had affected me.

Now? I guess the greatest compliment I can give is that the only time I ever think about my teeth is when I look in the mirror for cleaning or when people comment on my smile and how nice my teeth are.

It is without doubt the best thing I’ve ever done for me.

A huge thank you to Alex and his team.