I am in my 60, so no spring chicken but I used to have dentures that were ill fitting, and wouldn’t hold in place unless covered in adhesive it was awful, gooey and messy and didn’t give me the confidence to eat or smile in public and I was permanently feeling down about it.I did try standard implants to secure the denture and it was great while it lasted but unfortunately due to the lack of bone density through years of smoking, they failed one by one so I was back to the nightmare with the denture. Then I learned of the new technology of zygomatic implants, suitable for people like me with lack of bone in the upper jaw as they are anchored into the cheekbones.

I did my research and contacted the surgery and made an appointment with Alex who explained the procedure etc, and I decided to go for it, to try and get my life back. It was quite expensive, but if it gave me a few more quality years I thought it would be well worth it.

On the day of the surgery I was terrified but was put at ease by the surgical team and the needle went in my hand for the sedation and I knew nothing about the actual surgery. After the op I left the surgery with a temporary screwed in denture. Healing was a bit unpleasant but was only to be expected as it is quite major surgery.Once it was all fully healed I went on to get my permanently screwed in denture.

I am over the moon now with my new teeth, I am able to eat, smile and laugh without the fear of my teeth falling out, it has changed my life.