Patient testimonials


Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, I think I have been with the practice for most of that time if not longer and I have had nothing but praise for the care and attention I have personally received over the years

Mrs N.M.

The staff were extremely friendly as soon as I arrived. I really appreciate the time and patience the practice has put into talking to me and making me feel better about coming to the dentist

Mrs Sharman Kaye

Very happy with my new implant. Eating much better, look much better and overall a lot happier! Great team work!

Sarah Abdy-Hayes

Mike is so kind, helpful and reassuring. He sensed that I was nervous and scared ahead of my procedure – he kept me calm, talked to me through every stage and kept checking on me that I was okay. He is a true professional and made my experience much better than I ever imagined. Thank you so much Mike!

Jane Beardsall

From my first contact with Alex Jones Dentistry l I have been treated with supreme care and friendliness. My initial visit was detailed and I felt under no pressure to proceed with the treatment. Alex was concerned that it was ok to use implants because of my medication, and researched any problems and the best way to proceed.

The implant placement, taking less than three-quarters of an hour, was in no way unpleasant, and the advice to protect both the implants and my health was excellent.

Thankfully, allowing maximum time for the implants to become strong, I now have a “perfect” smile. I could tell Alex was well pleased with the outcome, as I certainly am.

Thank you to all the team, for your friendliness and care. 


Jayne Dolman

I am so happy with the treatment I have received from Alex and his team. I have been treated with respect and compassion by all this professional team. My new smile is so wonderful and has given me a new confidence.
I will be forever grateful, also very surprised that I never felt any pain throughout my treatment. Thank you!

Mrs Dawn Cawthorne

I am very pleased with the end result.  Would definitely recommend family and friends! A very professional service, thank you!

Mr Joshua Cawthorne

I am very pleased with the results of my teeth whitening. The process was very simple to do at home. You definitely notice the results within a few nights of using the whitening gel – very happy!

Mr I.G.

Having had several sets of expensive dentures made and never being satisfied I was recommended to see Alex Jones. He recommended Gerber dentures that are made using a special technique. Not only do they look great, I can eat any food I want. Thank you.

Sue Hyde

Having lost quite a number of my bottom teeth and the rest being in a poor condition I was having to be very selective about what I ate. I asked Alex what my options were and he talked me through all of them. In the end I opted for the Teeth in a Day treatment. I was thinking of the future and how I was going to eat for the rest of my life.

I was extremely nervous about the procedure but Alex and his staff were very reassuring and the initial removal of the rest of my lower teeth was less of an issue than I feared. There was bruising to my face but it was not painful and faded within a week. The rest of the process was also pain free and went very smoothly. 

It is great to be able to eat what I want to and I really appreciate all Alex’s skill and reassuring care. It was certainly worth it. 

Many thanks. 

Mrs Jean Eastwood

Excellent service. Friendly, helpful people. Willing to address any concerns I had. Would 100% recommend to anyone!’

Mr A.H.

From the outset of my consultations with Alex Jones, his diagnosis of my dental problems was very clear, as was his advice regarding treatment required and the procedures they would entail. The results are truly first-rate. In addition to their excellent cosmetic appearance, my teeth are now, for the first time in years, problem-free. Moreover, I can now eat properly and without any difficulty

Mrs Angela Finkill

I can highly recommend this practice for a very professional and friendly service having undergone orthodontic treatment. I am delighted with my new smile and feel so confident now my teeth are lovely, white and straight.

Thank you to everyone but especially Mike who took great care looking after me along my six-month journey!

Steve Betts

Such a fantastic dentist. Personable and professional, all the staff are so helpful. I’m so happy with the treatment and as a result I have made Alex Jones Dentistry my new full time dentist

Sheila Edwards

I am in my 60, so no spring chicken but I used to have dentures that were ill fitting, and wouldn’t hold in place unless covered in adhesive it was awful, gooey and messy and didn’t give me the confidence to eat or smile in public and I was permanently feeling down about it.I did try standard implants to secure the denture and it was great while it lasted but unfortunately due to the lack of bone density through years of smoking, they failed one by one so I was back to the nightmare with the denture. Then I learned of the new technology of zygomatic implants, suitable for people like me with lack of bone in the upper jaw as they are anchored into the cheekbones.

I did my research and contacted the surgery and made an appointment with Alex who explained the procedure etc, and I decided to go for it, to try and get my life back. It was quite expensive, but if it gave me a few more quality years I thought it would be well worth it.

On the day of the surgery I was terrified but was put at ease by the surgical team and the needle went in my hand for the sedation and I knew nothing about the actual surgery. After the op I left the surgery with a temporary screwed in denture. Healing was a bit unpleasant but was only to be expected as it is quite major surgery.Once it was all fully healed I went on to get my permanently screwed in denture.

I am over the moon now with my new teeth, I am able to eat, smile and laugh without the fear of my teeth falling out, it has changed my life.

Mr M.U.

Having suffered with a loose denture for years I have been so impressed with the treatment recommended to me by Alex Jones. I had 3 implants placed under my denture and can now eat anything! Anyone who wears a denture will know the frustration of not being able to eat certain foods or worrying about the denture falling out. I can now bite into an apple with complete confidence. Thank you

Linda Dixon

Dear Alex,

Just had to write to say thank you very much for all your help and hard work not to mention loads of patience in helping me overcome my fear of the dentist. As you will remember when I first came to you I was absolutely terrified after having a bad experience at my previous dentist, but you made me feel at ease and didn’t make me feel that it was my fault.

My gums and teeth were not in good condition, and after lots of treatment we both came to the decision of the bridge for the four bottom teeth one of which was growing behind the others. I was always self-conscious about this, so when you said you could give me new teeth all in a row I was delighted. I never thought that I would be able to spend all that time in the chair having the work done, but you encouraged me all the way saying I was doing well which gave me more confidence. I now have my new straight teeth and cannot thank you enough, you have given me back my smile.

I would also like to thank your nurse who also gave me words of encouragement and held my hand at times.

But Alex, most of all, I would just like to say, in my opinion, you are the best dentist in the world.

Mrs D.M.

Having been conscious of my teeth from being a teenager and always being afraid to smile, it is now amazing to feel that they look great. I had veneers fitted when I was 18 and these were better than the stained teeth I had.

When these deteriorated and needed replacing I sought the help of my usual dentist. The veneers he replaced them with felt terrible and very bulky. The colour didn’t match the rest of my teeth. I went back again and they agreed to replace them again because the fitting was poor. 

I had to endure a period of time without veneers; you can only imagine how this made me feel. The next attempt was no better. I came to see Alex and what a difference! Total professional care, no time without veneers due to excellent temporary veneers that looked better than my old ones, and a fantastic final result! My teeth look natural and I can smile. Thank you so much.


I am happy to recommend this practice to anyone requiring dental treatment, and particularly dental implants. I have had over the last year, All-on-4 implants to replace both my upper and lower teeth. The procedure was done with great expertise and was for the most part painless.

Alex and his team are always infinitely kind and helpful. Alex is an expert in the field of dental implants, and I have felt confident in his abilities and care throughout. I can unreservedly recommend him to anyone thinking of dental implants, he gives an honest opinion and never pressures patients to have anything done that they are not comfortable with. You will be in safe hands!

Mr Mark Hodgson

I was told by other dentists that implant work would not be possible on my teeth. As a long shot I called in to see Alex and he said corrective surgery would be possible. An amazing team, I felt at ease all the way through. If you are fed up with hiding your smile –JUST DO IT!