Patient testimonials

Mrs Judy Sidebottom

The team always take time to explain what treatment is required and what different options may be open to me. I feel that I am getting the best care for my dental health

Wendy Cutts

I have today received a new smile in the form of lovely fillings on three of my front teeth. A crown I had fitted by another local dentist had caused my bite to alter, causing chips on these teeth. Alex has rectified this so well and now I hope to enjoy confidence in smiling again. Thank you so much Alex.


I have sat for many days with pen poised above paper trying to find the adequate words to express my feelings about the work you have done for me. Awesome, fantastic, unbelievable, miracle are but few of many.

After years of suffering I am able to eat without pain, drink without the worry of the temperature being too hot or cold and most of al I can now smile without the feeling of embarrassment.

The care and attention shown to me from my first assessment to the final fitting day has been excellent and at every stage reassuring. The whole team have been on hand to answer any questions and help allay any fears that I may have had about the procedure.

Today I looked in the mirror and what did I see? Lovely teeth and a new me, thank you so much.

A huge thank you to all concerned with my surgery. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Mrs Angela Finkill

I can highly recommend this practice for a very professional and friendly service having undergone orthodontic treatment. I am delighted with my new smile and feel so confident now my teeth are lovely, white and straight.

Thank you to everyone but especially Mike who took great care looking after me along my six-month journey!

Mrs Sarah Bibbi

I am really pleased with my new smile, it was worth every penny. It has made a massive difference to my confidence! I was made to feel really comfortable with Mike, he put me at ease throughout my treatment.

Barbara Dawson

After an old bridge failed two and a half years ago it left me with most of the right side of my upper teeth missing. I had an immediate denture fitted. I was devastated to say the least!

I had to use denture glue, food got under the denture and I lost my confidence.

I initially had a consultation with Alex and he outlined what my options were.

We decided on 3 implants which gave me four teeth and I had my other teeth whitened. Alex was very professional and caring throughout my treatment. Surprisingly there was no pain with the implants.

The final results are amazing. My teeth look as good as they did in my 20’s! I can eat what I want and I have regained my confidence.

I cannot recommend Alex highly enough. Thanks Alex, you’ve given me back my smile. 

Mr Roy Field

I am so happy with my new smile, Alex and the team have done a superb job! The implant treatment I have had has changed my life and would recommend coming for a chat with Emmer – she really put me at ease throughout. Everyone has been fantastic – thank you to all of you!

Mrs N.M.

The staff were extremely friendly as soon as I arrived. I really appreciate the time and patience the practice has put into talking to me and making me feel better about coming to the dentist

Miss L.M.

I was made to feel very welcome and all my options were given to me. To all the staff I would like to thank you for looking after me through my extensive treatment.

Mr T.J.

Following the fracture of an old crown, Alex recommended a dental implant to replace the tooth which was beyond saving. I was a little nervous as I thought the procedure might be a little painful. I can honestly say that I was totally surprised!!

The day after the implant was placed I felt no pain and would say the procedure was easier than having a tooth out. Now I have a crown on the implant and it feels even better than the tooth that was there before. I know what I’ll be doing next time a crown breaks!!

Mr I.G.

Having had several sets of expensive dentures made and never being satisfied I was recommended to see Alex Jones. He recommended Gerber dentures that are made using a special technique. Not only do they look great, I can eat any food I want. Thank you.

Mr Joshua Cawthorne

I am very pleased with the results of my teeth whitening. The process was very simple to do at home. You definitely notice the results within a few nights of using the whitening gel – very happy!

Mrs R.G.

Just a short note to say a very big thank you for your help and expertise on Friday last week. You and your team “saved my life” by seeing me when you did and in putting me in a position where I could at least have some peace of mind over the weekend.I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you did. Please pass on to all of those who were there on Friday, my heartfelt thanks. With sincere best wishes.

Mrs M.S.

I was so impressed with the implant treatment I received under the care Of Alex Jones that I have recommended him to my friend who is in a similar position to me. She is having her implant placed next week.

Mrs D.M.

Having been conscious of my teeth from being a teenager and always being afraid to smile, it is now amazing to feel that they look great. I had veneers fitted when I was 18 and these were better than the stained teeth I had.

When these deteriorated and needed replacing I sought the help of my usual dentist. The veneers he replaced them with felt terrible and very bulky. The colour didn’t match the rest of my teeth. I went back again and they agreed to replace them again because the fitting was poor. 

I had to endure a period of time without veneers; you can only imagine how this made me feel. The next attempt was no better. I came to see Alex and what a difference! Total professional care, no time without veneers due to excellent temporary veneers that looked better than my old ones, and a fantastic final result! My teeth look natural and I can smile. Thank you so much.


Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, I think I have been with the practice for most of that time if not longer and I have had nothing but praise for the care and attention I have personally received over the years

Mr M.U.

Having suffered with a loose denture for years I have been so impressed with the treatment recommended to me by Alex Jones. I had 3 implants placed under my denture and can now eat anything! Anyone who wears a denture will know the frustration of not being able to eat certain foods or worrying about the denture falling out. I can now bite into an apple with complete confidence. Thank you

Mrs Sharman Kaye

Very happy with my new implant. Eating much better, look much better and overall a lot happier! Great team work!

Lee Pilling

Alex, many thanks to you and your team over the last 6 months. I had been looking for several months for such a procedure but to no avail. 

A truly professional consultation giving reassurance about the procedure , timescales etc, and with the treatment completed, every word true to form

To say I was apprehensive on the first visit was an understatement, again, the reassurance and professionalism shown from the whole team lessened the fears dramatically..

My greatest surprise was how little pain I had to endure after the operation, and how little swelling there was, and how quickly that passed..

Subsequent visits again were as described at the first consultation and passed with ease.

Personally, the transformation has been brilliant both physically and mentally.. First class.

Mr J.H.

Historically I had always found visits to the dentist to be filled with anxiety and dread, the roots of these feelings being caused by my experiences as a child, during horrendous visits to the dental surgery.

Alex Jones has always been sympathetic as to my anxieties and has taken considerable care, both in building my confidence and allaying my fears, throughout the course of my restorative treatment. With my restored dental efficiency, my anxieties greatly reduced and my confidence building I shall, most certainly, continue to be a patient of Dr Alex Jones and his admirable staff.